What You Need in a Technical Cofounder, Without the Hassle.

Startups are hard enough. Finding a technical cofounder can be the hardest part. We're a team of technical cofounders on a mission to help startups get their app ideas in the hands of customers.


We've built products and businesses, closed investment rounds, failed, learned, failed again. We get it. What we've learned? Not to over-build, over-architect, or over-engineer. We're not here to play with shiny toys. We're here to leverage our technical and product expertise to move your product from concept to success.


Our focus is on simplicity and quality. We deliver new functionality with extremely low defects and work to build a foundation that is sustainable throughout your company's growth. We partner with Amazon for hosting and ensure everything is built and operated within the principles of "Well Architected" software.

Staying Lean

We practice Lean Startup methodologies. Any development shop can build you an app. We want to help build your technology enabled business. We'll show you how we think about building products, prioritizing development, and iterating on customer feedback. Our goal is to leave you with a product development process in addition to a shipped product.

We're Here Until You're Ready

We embrace the mantra that we're successful when we put ourselves out of the job. When you're ready to take over the work we're ready to make sure the transition is flawless. We can help identify, hire, and train the technical team that can take it from there. We're here to get sh*% done and encourage a sustainable culture to continue that work after we leave.

MVP Building
Ship Your 1.0 Let's Talk About It
  • Senior Developers in Denver
  • Fractional CTO
  • Product Manager
Continued Growth

After You're Live

  • Ongoing Enhancements
  • Pitch Materials/Tech Guidance
  • Technical Operations
Hot! We understand bootstrapping. Interested but not sure about budget? We've been known to exchange hours for equity.
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