Gather more data without meetings

Score and prioritize ideas before they hit your roadmap.

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More Data Yields Better Decisions

Make your strategy clear and transparent and unlock the mystical state of Alignment. Gather ideas and score them collaboratively via Slack.

* Create Easy to Understand Idea Proposals

* Gather New Ideas via Slack

* Create Surveys to Estimate Cost and Value

* Gain Alignment Through Inclusion

Communicate Without Meetings reaches your team via Slack wherever they are and lets them propose and score ideas. gathers estimates on cost and value for you, unlocking further conversations on the potential impact and cost of any initiative. Get the assistant product manager you always wish you had.

Unlock Diverse Insights

* Curate Ideas Based on Feedback

* Review Estimates on Cost and Value with Context

* Identify Outliers and Spark Conversations

* Uncover Data You May Have Missed

Rally Around the "Why"

* Link to the Big Picture in Your Sprints

* Clearly Justify Prioritization

* Foster Ownership During Implementation