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If you could fit your entire company in a single room this would be easy. Remember when communication came for free? When everyone knew what was important and why? As organizations and teams grow there’s still a way – align your product roadmap clearly to your business goals and metrics. Communicate every change, align every task with a goal and provide insightful views to business stakeholders and implementation teams. Measure, adjust, realign, repeat. Man, this is starting to sound like work.

Product managers spend a lot of time as intermediaries – communicating changes and decisions to executives, employees, and customers. When there’s a breakdown at this intersection between strategy, marketing, and execution it can be game over. Having seen this too many times first hand, we decided we should do something about it.

vspr.ai is a business alignment and roadmap prioritization tool. We believe all companies struggle to answer the question “Am I investing in the right functionality at the right time?” vspr’s origins are from a time when the planet Venus was thought to be two different stars – the day star “phosphorus“ and the evening star “vesper.” Our goal is to prevent this type of misalignment, miscommunication and duplication of work by ensuring an organization’s goals and strategy are aligned around their product roadmaps and are clear to all members of the organization.

We’re going to learn from our mistakes and build the company we’ve always wanted to work for. Who else will? We know we’ll need help along the way and that’s where you come in. By documenting our progress and engaging the community with problems we face, we hope to build a continuous improvement feedback loop not just for our product, but for the entire company and ourselves.

Follow along on our journey. We’ll be podcasting every two weeks and openly discussing every aspect of starting a business and building a product from scratch. Our first episode is live and you can hear us discuss how we took this leap. We’ll be talking about things technical, business, philosophical…we’ll try to stay out of political but who knows.

This is going to to be fun.

Cobb & DG